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The system was broken, people disconnected from each other and from the real world. Massive tyrants looking for their own benefit above any code of ethics. Several viral crises that ended up into entire societies of deaf people. 

So, as nature dictated, our time to evolve had to come, so we decided to embark on a journey into the unknown.

The crew could be anyone and the trip uncertain. But we trusted our intuition to lead the Starlet Project mission.

We traveled across space until we found D-ONE (our planet), but the resettlement would only be successful if we found the purpose that humanity lost once: 

At first we were as huge as a meteorite and we became familiar with the whole atmospherical conditions.

After that, we adopted the resilience and delicacy of flowers.

Then we were similar to animals and deeply sensed our instincts until we felt comfortable with adversity.

Later on, we were small like quarks and we understood how life started from the most basic structures.

At last, as machines, we processed centuries of data to learn about the perfect order amid the chaos of nature, and when we returned to a human form we realized that the secret of our subsistence was within ourselves.

Now, we are sure of who we are and what we want to share with new generations of humans. Those willing to see, hear, feel and express revolutionary ideas. 

The future awaits you, where a metamorphosis full of sensations will be part of your catharsis...



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